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Marche region

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Marche region

The Marche region is a land rich in story and culture, that will inspire you with its art, the nature and its food and wine for the connoisseurs. A territory to be discovered: the sea and its coasts, natural parks, soft hills,theatres and medieval villages.

 An ideal place to for a rlax or the cultural holiday of your dreams, or better still a peaceful place to live. We are here, at your disposal to offer you help and advices in all the stages, from the purchase of the house to the complete restoration if requested, and we provide a management service for when you are not in Italy, so that the property is always taken care of with competence.

The Marchegiano (this is the original name of the inhabitants of Marche), is a hard worker, and if by chance he is no more having a work to do, he invents a new one. he does invent a new one. The original rural economy during the time diversified itself toward craft and industrial activities, all projected to the future but always with an eye to the past, just to not forget that a durable success can be obtained by a hard and constant work.

The main industrial poles are the shoe industry in the Fermo area, the fish industry in the Ascoli area, the electrical appliance industry in the Fabriano and Macerata areas and last the furniture industry in Pesaro. Even the agricolture updated itself to the new global market rules making up a wider agricultural activity: the modern farmer includes from 10 to 20 little old farms.

This process brought to the availability of all those farmhouses which 30-40 years ago were the centre of farmers life: their shape and structure, like an open book, tell us about all their past history. Marche: a region which tops the Italian classification for the longevity of its' inhabitants. A region which represent the quintessential part of whole Italy. From a geographical point of view, it can be stated that within a range of 20 min, no matter where you are, you can easily reach sea, the lakes, or even the mountains.

It is true that it is a relatively small Region with less than 1.500.000 inhabitants, but its geographical beauty is reflected in the strenght of its economy. On the hill crests, one can come across ancient abbeys, tiny medieval villages where farmers and professionals live together in perfect harmony, where old taverns and modern restaurants, or daily life and turism live side by side.

In the same way we have the harmonious co-existence of the customs and traditions of ancient populations: the Galli Senoni who founded Senigallia, the Piceni with ever present medieval memories, Gradara castle with the love between Paolo and Francesca which was celebrated by the Divine poet Dante, a difficult subject for all italian students. We have Urbino, a global example of conservation of all ancient things and a seat of an extremely modern university, Ancona with his legend of ancient piracy and it's modern commercial and turist port. We can tell about ancient and modern stories of men who wrote about poetry, music, sculpture and economy, religion and politics.

We can tell about Raffaello, Leopardi, about Rossini, Pergolesi, Pope Pius the 9th, about Pomodoro and, finally about the unknown farmer who with the love for its land contributed to keep our region a simple but beautiful place.

We can boast of magnificent works of nature such as the Frasassi caves (biggest in Europe) or works of men such as the paper mill in Fabriano. We mustn't allow ourselves to be fooled by the image of modernism. In these region, the farmers, whose only machinery are his bear hands and his oxen, can live in perfect harmony with the agricultural business man who, because of the inevitable laws of the economy, followed the evolution of time and now works with a tractor which costs as much as a Ferrari, while in the sound proof air-conditioned driver's cabin, he listened to music on a CD or makes a call with his mobile phone; or indeed the old cobbler who still labours at his work bench while his updated colleague employs 500 workers and signs his creations with famous brands names.

This is the essence of the fantastic scenery of this Region: maybe it is indeed the recipe for a longer life span!


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Swimming pool and Garden

Taking care of external areas of the house with equipped spaces,swimming pool, playground, verandas, irrigation systems,gardening and all necessary aspects to live comfortably in our beautiful region.


Restoring a house by saving all original aspect that's characterised it and also taking care of it.

Marche Region

The Marche region gives million reasons to live here: the sea & the mountains,the food & wine,the sunshine,the peace & tranquillity and the million new things to discover.

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